Wheels and Tires
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By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Copyright 2012 - Bill Ansell

Wheels & Tires
Dorman Wheel Studs and Nuts Catalog Bolt Circle Template
Bridegestone - Truck Tire Tech Maxxis - Tire Damage Inspection Chart
Rubber Manufacturer's Association - Light Truck Tire Repair Limits Rubber Manufacturer's Association - Puncture Repair Procedures for Truck and Bus Tires
RV Tires - Load and Inflation Info Tire Sidewall Markings
Alcoa Genuine Truck Wheel Accessories - 2000 Catalog Alcoa Light Truck, SUV, RV & Motorhome Wheels - 1999 Fitment Guide
Alcoa Wheel Service Manual for trucks, trailers, and buses Alcoa Wheels Hot Forged Aluminum Wheels For Pickup Trucks, RVs, SUVs & Motorhomes - 2000 Catalog
Michelin XML Michelin XL
Michelin XZL Slime Tire Sealant - 2012 Catalog
US Military Hummer Manual Chapter 8 (Wheels and Steering)    


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