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By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Copyright 2012 - Bill Ansell

*** Warning ***

DO NOT use any rulebook on this page for any official purpose whatsoever. Do not build your rig or plan your strategy using any file found here - they are uncontrolled copies and not frequently updated. The ONLY reason they are here is provide general interest reading / background material for those interested in the history and evoution of the sport and its rules.

Ultra-4 (King of the Hammers) 2013 Rulebook (Version 3.0) Ultra-4 (King of the Hammers) 2010 Rulebook (Version 1.08)
WERock Rulebook 2008  
Racing Stuff
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Longacre Racing - 2012 Catalog MasterCraft Seats and Safety Gear - 2011 Catalog
Momo - 2008 Catalog Pyrotect Racing Safety Equipment - 2011 Catalog
Racers Choice Inc - 2009 Catalog Racers Choice Inc - 2011 Catalog
Simpson Performance Race Products - 2011 Catalog    


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