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By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Copyright 2012 - Bill Ansell


Char Lynn Hydraulic Steering Catalog 1998 Char Lynn Hydraulic Steering Catalog 1999
Char Lynn Hydraulic Steering Catalog 2003 part1 Char Lynn Hydraulic Steering Catalog 2003 part 2
Danfoss mini steering unit and steering column tech info Danfoss steering units technical info
Aeroquip Military & Marine Catalog Aeroquip Performance Hose and Fittings Catalog
Dana Boston Weatherhead ® Hose Assembly Master Catalog Dana Boston Weatherhead ® Tube and Pipe Fittings Master Catalog.pdf
Eaton guide to industrial hydraulics Parker HGF Series Hydrostatic steering unit Catalog
Parker Hydraguide steering products Parker Steering Wheels
Swagelok Hydraulic Ball Valves    
Danfoss steering brochure Eaton Fluid Power Systems brochure
Eaton Field Mate Agricultural Cylinders Eaton Hydro Line Field-Mate™ Series Agricultural Cylinders
Eaton Vickers Agricultural Cylinders Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Cylinders
Repair, Service, and Overhaul Manuals
Char_Lynn Flex 4 Steering Control Unit repair information Parker HGA Series Steering Control Unit Overhaul Manual
Parker HGB Series Steering Control Unit Overhaul Manual Parker HGF Series Steering Control Unit Overhaul Manual
Parker Hydrostatic Steering System HGF Series Service Procedure  
Technical Articles and Manuals
Danfoss - facts worth knowing about hydraulics Eaton Hydraulic - hints and troubleshooting
U.S. Army Hydraulic Manual Eaton Load sensing systems principle of operation
Hydraulic circuit symbols.pdf Eaton Product Number changes in steering units
Eaton part number changes.pdf Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Reservoirs
Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Conversion tables Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - velocity and pressure drop in pipes
Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Vane displacement US Navy Training Manual - fluid-power
Logical troubleshooting in Hydraulic Systems Troubleshooting charts - Danfoss
Troubleshooting charts - Army Howe - Hydro-Boost With Ram Assist Hose Installation Diagram
Hydraulic Troubleshooting Charts - Danfoss Hydraulic Troubleshooting Charts - US Army
Hoses and Fittings
Aeroquip assembly instructions Field attachable fittings
Aeroquip technical data Hose and Fitting temp and pressure limits
Dash sizing Hydraulic Fitting Torque values
Eaton Everflex hose products Catalog Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Adaptor thread data
Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Hydraulic Tubing Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Orifices
Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - SAE Hydraulic Hose Data Parker hose pressures
Parker hose size nomogram Parker Safety Guide for Selecting and Using Hose Tubing Fittings and Related Accessories
Ryco Hose Abbreviations Ryco Hose Assembly Installation Guide
Ryco Hose Guide to Temps&Pressures Hose Selection Guide
Hydraulic Hose and fitting Torque values Thread&Connector ID
SAEJ1273 Summer's Rubber Hydraulic Hose
Thread guide Hose Size Nomogram
Parker Fluid Connectors Thread Guide Pipe Thread Types and Designations
Russell Performance 2007-08 Automotive Catalog Russell Pperformance - Performance Plumbing and Brakeline Catalog
Ryco Field Attachable Fitting Instructions Swagelok Tube Fitting Instructions
Fluids and Filtration
Biodegradable Oil Use with Char-Lynn® Steering Units Danfoss applications manual section 3 - fluids and filtration
Eaton Hydraulic fluid info update Eaton Hydraulic fluid recommendations
Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Filters Hydraulic Supermarket tech info - Hydraulic Fluids.pdf
Aeroquip Fluid Compatibility Dana Boston Weatherhead Chemical Compatibility Chart
Ryco - Chemical Compatibility for Hose    


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