Online Hydro Steering Calculator

By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Java Programming: Chad Lloyd
Photography: Bill Ansell
Copyright 2003 - Bill Ansell



Yellow values are entered by user.

Green values are calculated 

Simply enter the required values (the one's with the yellow labels) and the calculator will automatically update.

Step 1 - Calculate Approximate Kingpin Tourque (in/lbs) Weight on Steered Axle (lbs)
Coefficient of Friction
Nominal Tire Width (in)
Kingpin Offset at Ground Intersection (in)
DriveFactor (2 = steered wheels driven, 3 = locked)
Kingpin Tourque (in/lbs)
Step 2 - Calculate Approximate cylinder force Minimum Radius Arm (in)
Cylinder Force (lbs)
Step 3 - Determine pressure rating of system Pressure rating of pump (psi)
Step 4 - Calculate required Cylinder Area (sq. in) Cylinder Area (sq. in)
Step 5 - Determine type of cylinder used Style
(1 = single balanced)
(2 = single unbalanced)
(3=cross connected unbalanced)
Step 6 - Determine diameter of shaft (rod) of cylinder(s) Shaft diameter (in)
Step 7 - Determine required cylinder stroke (in) Cylinder Stroke (in)
Step 8 - Calculate approximate required cylinder bore (in) Cylinder Bore (in)
Step 9 - Calculate swept Volume of Cylinder(s) (cu. in) Bore diameter (in)
Swept Volume (Cu. in.)
Step 10 - Calculate required steering unit Number of turns lock to lock
Valve displacement required (cu. in./rev)
Step 11 - Determine displacement of nearest steering unit Valve displacement of actual unit (cu. in./rev)
Step 12 - Calculate turns from lock to lock Turns lock to lock (One Way)
  Turns lock to lock (Other way)
Step 13 - Calculate minimum pump flow (gpm) Fastest Steering speed required (rev/sec)
Minimum Pump Flow Required (gpm)



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