Weathertech Floor Mats

By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Photography: Bill Ansell
Copyright 2018 - Bill Ansell
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I really like the stock 124 Spider carpeted floor mats, they look and feel great. The only problem is, I live in a somewhat rural setting - lots of trees (leaves), fields, dust, dirt, and in the spring especially, leftover sand, grit, and salt from the winter roads. Thus, I found that no matter how careful I was, I was always tracking a lot of dirt and debris into the car. It was driving me nuts as, like a lot of you I'm sure (at least I hope I'm not the only one!) I am seriously fastidious about this fantastic little car.

So I turned to the company that is very well known for being the first and last word in extremely well-fitting custom floor mats - Weathertech. Here's a look.

The part number for the set to fit the 2017+ FIAT 124 Spider (all models) is 448471.

You can check them out on Weathertech's site here.

(Side note: The pics on their site actually say "Fiat 124 Spider shown", but I'm almost certain it's actually the Mazda MX-5 Miata shown in their pics! Not to worry though, they are correct and fit perfectly...see below.)

I bought mine from an Amazon seller at this link for a little over $100 US.
Passenger side is on the left in this pic, driver's side on the right.
Note that the driver's side covers the foot rest.
The look, fit, and feel is top notch.

However, like a lot of products, they come with their own fairly prominent self-promotional badging.

Although it's not a bad looking badge, i felt i wanted something a little different, a little special.


Enter these Abarth badges (stickers) that I found at 500 Madness.

They cost $15 for the set of three, and the two larger ones are the PERFECT size.


The product is listed as "FIAT 500 DECAL - ABARTH LOGO (SET OF 3) - 21505".

You can check them out on Madness' website here.


Before sticking them on, I trimmed them while they were still on their backing, and laid them in place.

Like I said - perfect fit!

I peeled off the Weathertech badges, cleaned the underneath with rubbing alcohol, let it dry...
...and stuck the Madness Abarth stickers in their place.
I think they look great.
Like they were custom-made that way.

Customization done, it was time to install them in the car.

They actually come with these instructions, but installation couldn't be simpler - you simply unsnap the stock mats, position the Weathertechs in place, and snap them down on the stock locator posts.

Here's a gallery of how they fit / look in the car

Driver's Side

Passenger's Side



The fit is every bit as good as you would expect based on the reputation the company had. They look great, and the coverage is superb. If you need great protection and a great fit at a reasonable price, these are a great option. And the custom Abarth badging, especially in my red Abarth, makes them just that much cooler (in my humble opinion). I'm really pleased with them




500 Madness


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