Trunk Light LED Replacement

By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Photography: Bill Ansell
Copyright 2018 - Bill Ansell
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The stock trunk light is a pretty weak and ineffective thing. You can improve it by replacing the stock 5 watt incandescent bulb with a brighter LED bulb.

I went a step further and added a small 48-LED panel



This is the stock bulb.
Its about 30mm long.

This is the LED panel I purchased from AliExpress for $1.78 US.

Specs are:

LED Type: 3528 SMD (3.5mm×2.8mm)
LED Q'ty: 48 LED
LED colour: Blue,Warm White, White
Socket type: T10, BA9S, and Festoon dome
Voltage: 12V only
Power: 2.2W
Luminous flux: 160 - 200LM
Lifespan: 60, 000 hours
Power cord length: 120mm
Panel size: 48mm × 40mm Thickness: 5mm

Here is the LINK.

It has 3M double-sided sticky tape on the back.

It comes with 3 different adapters.

To fit into the place where the stock bulb was, I used the one called a "Festoon". It has a spring so it adjusts to fit various locations, from 29-41mm.


To begin, you need to remove the 4 plastic push-pins securing the plastic trim at the rear of the trunk.

You can use a fingernail or a small tool like a dental pick or small screwdriver to first pop up the centre pin, then pull the whole assembly out.


These are the 4 to remove.

With the plastic pins removed, you can lift the panel up and forward a bit (you don't need to take it out) to gain access to the back of the stock trunk light.


Pop the stock lend out from the back, then rotate it and push it back through the hole.

You now have room to work.

Replace the bulb with the LED panel "Festoon" adapter, and connect the adapter to the LED panel.

I just snapped the lens back in place with the new wires coming out from underneath. It's tight but it works and necessitates no holes be drilled.

I then just peeled off the backing plate and stuck it down beside the original lens.

The switch still works too.

No Light

With new LED panel.

Altogether, well worth $1.78 !!!!


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