60-Second Mods #4

Abarth Steering Wheel Badge

By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Photography: Bill Ansell
Copyright 2018 - Bill Ansell
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One of the items that the North American market 124 Spider Abarths didn't come with that cars sold in other markets did was an Abarth badge on the steering wheel.

As a result, many of us Abarth owners source an aftermarket badge to apply over the stock FIAT badge.

Here's a look at the one I chose and what it looks like.

I ordered my badge from E-bay, from the seller aihua_auto, using this link.

It comes in a pack of 4 and cost $6.77 US.
They are designed to be used for wheel centre caps, but work well in this application too.
They come protected with a clear vinyl film.
They have a slightly dished shape.
They are constructed from a very thin aluminum alloy and are 56mm (2.2") in diameter.
The E-bay listing listed the country of origin as China, but the packaging mine arrived in indicated they came from Vietnam.
I ordered on Feb 18 and they arrived on April 5 - which is about 6-1/2 weeks.
I was really surprised at the quality - they are very very nice.
The finish is flawless.
Here it is next to the original.
It has a peel-and-stick self-adhesive backing. You just peel off the backing and stick it in place.
I think it matches well...
...and looks great!


Cheap, excellent quality, easy to apply, and looks great. I'm very happy with the result.


E-bay Seller aihua_auto


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