LED Reverse Light

By Bill "BillaVista" Ansell
Photography: Bill Ansell
Copyright 2018 - Bill Ansell
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This quick mod is the first in a series where I intend to convert all of my spider's lights to LEDs.

Brighter, cooler, longer-lasting, and consuming far less current...LEDs are clearly superior to regular incandescent bulbs. Frankly, in 2018 I'm surprised that manufacturers still use incandescent bulbs. Still, it is quite possible and fairly easy to convert them yourself.

The 124 Spider's reverse light is the easiest of all - here's how easy...

The stock bulb is listed in the manual as a W21W. This means it is a white, 21-watt bulb.

It is the push-in style blade-type design, also known as a 7443 or T20 bulb/socket.


This is the replacement LED I purchased.

It is powered by 3 3030 SMD LED chips on top with 9 3030 SMD LED chips on the sides.

I got it from AliExpress. It cost $10.40 for a pair.

THIS is the link from which I got it.


The listed specs are as follows:

  • Product Name:7443 LED Bulb(12-24V DC).
  • LED Specification: 12 pieces 1.5W 3030 LED chips
  • LEDs power:1.5W
  • Color:Xenon White
  • Actual Lumen: 1130
  • Working voltage: 12V-24V DC
  • Working Power:about12Vx0.7A=8.4W
  • working temperature:-40°C- 105°C
  • Beam angle:360°
  • Circuit: Original components imported from America, Wide range voltage, intelligent constant current IC, Anti- interference circuit design Apply to most of car models
  • New generation LED products with Cree Silicon carbide technology
To replace the bulb, you need to lie under the car here. You don't need to jack the car up.
Underneath, you will find the reverse light socket in the middle.
Turn it counter-clockwise about a 1/4 turn to remove it.
Socket removed from housing.
Pull the factory bulb out of the socket.
Factory bulb next to LED replacement.
At first I simply tried to insert the LED into the socket while lying under the car, but it was a very tight fit and I couldn't get it fully inserted.
Fortunately, the socket disconnects from the wiring harness by pressing this tab here, and pulling the socket off.
I was then able to place the socket on the ground and press the LED fully into it. Properly inserted it looks like this.
Take note of this little tab on the socket for reinstallation.
To reinstall the LED/socket combo, line the little tab on the socket (red arrow) up with the recess on the wiring harness clip (blue arrow)
Once connected, simply re-insert the socket into the light housing and turn clockwise to lock it in place and you're done.


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